Glitch Textiles

Infected Blankets


Thread was used by the ancient Greeks as metaphor for the our lives. Spun, measured, and cut by the Fates or Moirai, each of us lived and died according to the thread they apportioned. Though we've long abandoned sincere belief in the fates, we've not discarded the metaphor of fabric to describe how our lives our interconnected.

We are vaguely aware that our lives are woven together by networks of invisible connections carrying information about our lives as they're lived. Though the idea of predestiny and fate may be a tough sell today, this project aims to make visible the otherwise unseen threads of data and code which play key roles in the way our lives take shape. Here, the DNA sequences of viruses are rendered as pixel mosaics and woven into blankets.


Glitch Textiles is a project started in December 2011 by Brooklyn, NY based artist, Phillip Stearns.

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